Semantic content enrichment

Our content enrichment services are extremely affective. A smart combination of text engineering, knowledge based system and human expertise delivers optimal high quality enrichment results. We are not limited to technical services. Content management processes that are outsourced to our company are implemented with an optimal combination of process, knowledge and ICT. High quality at minimal costs

We integrate with different content management systems such as Sharepoint, Wikis, Documentum, Drupal and Alfresco




Semantisch publishing

Sharing knowledge and information through an intranet, extranet, the Internet and mobile? Aimed at human readers or in particular for other applications? Semantic Publishing takes care of the publication of your knowledge and information using the Open Source Drupal publication platform. In our solutions, we apply the latest semantic technologies for an optimal distribution of your information.

Semantic Publishing services

Semantic Publishing offers a complete set of semantic publishing services, from creation to publication. These services are offered to you from our Semantic Publishing factory. In this factory, we apply state-of-art semantic web and NLP technology. We do not sell you this technology, we offer value-added services to your company in which we apply this technology for you. With our complete services portfolio, you can outsource your whole content to knowledge supply chain, from the creation of knowledge to the publication of knowledge in a portal. But of course, we can also support you with a part of the puzzle.

Semantic modelling

With our semantic modelling service, we support your company in defining the required semantics for your content. The deliverable of this process is a hosted ontology covering the first step of your roadmap. We bring a lot of expertise in designing ontologies. Often domain experts overcomplicate the domain by defining many concepts and relations, leading to overcomplicated models. Coming from a strong background in system theory, our knowledge engineers can help you define solid simple but expressive ontologies. Depending on the situation, we use different techniques to analyse your content and investigate your ambitions. Domain expertise of your company is combined with your business goals and our semantic modelling expertise. As a result, a balanced ontology is defined supported by a number of use cases that capture the required semantics of your content. We can host your ontology with a persistent url in the domain.

Content enrichment

In many cases, content is only available in a unstructured textual format. Much of the required semantics are available in natural language or implicit layout conventions. The content enrichment services of Semantic Publishing combine text engineering, ontology-based information extraction and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to automatically extract semantics from your content. Especially the use of the ontology in the enrichment process adds to quality of the process. Available knowledge from the domain is used to validate the result of text engineering and NLP, resulting in maximum enrichment quality.. Enrichment can be offered as a hosted process in which you upload your content and which, as a result, delivers the enriched content.

Hosting large knowledge-bases

While adding semantics to your content, you start building large knowledge-bases or triple stores as they are called in the semantic technology domain. These triple stores are the back-bone for services that want to query your knowledge. The SemanticPublishing hosting services hosts you knowledge-base as a triple store. By default, the knowledge can be accessed using SPARQL or REST. Customer-specific protocols can be supported as well. The hosting services takes care of performance, scalability, security and availability offering high-volume, reliable and secure access to your knowledge.

Semantic content management

With our semantic content management services we offer services to maintain the semantics of your content. This services is an add-on to the hosting service for large knowledge-bases. Semantic content management offers a customisable work-flow and a knowledge-editor that support human agents to add or correct the semantics of the content. Semantic content management can be done by yourselves. In many cases, we can also supply the human expertise to do this for you.

Semantic publishing

Once you have the semantics of your content, you want to be able to publish it, taking benefit of the applied semantics. Semantic publishing offers the following services for semantic publishing:

  1. Publishing in a web portal. This web portal can make use of the semantics for search and navigation (faceted browsing) but can also be used to publish the semantics of your content using HTML5.
  2. Publishing in mobile applications. The apps can be developed for both the I-Phone and Android using specific semantics in your content.
  3. Publishing in a dedicated desktop application that directly applies the knowledge for a specific task.