Semantic content enrichment

Our content enrichment services are extremely affective. A smart combination of text engineering, knowledge based system and human expertise delivers optimal high quality enrichment results. We are not limited to technical services. Content management processes that are outsourced to our company are implemented with an optimal combination of process, knowledge and ICT. High quality at minimal costs

We integrate with different content management systems such as Sharepoint, Wikis, Documentum, Drupal and Alfresco




Semantisch publishing

Sharing knowledge and information through an intranet, extranet, the Internet and mobile? Aimed at human readers or in particular for other applications? Semantic Publishing takes care of the publication of your knowledge and information using the Open Source Drupal publication platform. In our solutions, we apply the latest semantic technologies for an optimal distribution of your information.

A few words about us

Semantic Publishing provides a complete set of semantic publishing services to transform content into knowledge, enabling a wide range of new services directly supporting you to save money or implement new services.

We don't offer you technology. We apply state-of-the-art technology for you. You get services directly available for your business. No worries about technology selection, systems integration, hosting, capacity and performance. We have done all that for you. Your services will be hosted in our semantic publishing factory, directly available to your business.

We offer more than ICT expertise. Coming from a strong background in publishing and knowledge-engineering, we have a strong focus on how on applying technology efficiently and effectively. As a result, we can offer you solutions and processes that work for your business. And since we are convinced, we show this to you (no cure no pay).

We don't calculate and bill men hours. Our services are billed as services. Realistic monthly fees depending on the usage of the services. Customisations are calculated fixed-price or discounted for in the service fee. Semantic Publishing adds value to your processes. You outsource (parts of) the publication process of content and knowledge to Semantic Publishing. We make sure your processes get executed as effectively as possible giving you the best quality for the best price.